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Name Ferries
Number of Archive records 69.0
Number of Library records 10.0
Number of Object records 9.0
Number of Photo records 71.0

Associated Records

2002.68 - Printed Material

Golden Gate Ferry schudule from October 1939, consisting of times departing / arriving and a map of the ferry operation, Northwestern Pacific RR Company Autoferry Service.

1995.042 - Printed Material

Article from the Northwesterner regarding commuting on the Norhtwestern Pacific railroad and the ferries to San Francisco.

1998.45.8.1 - Booklet

Booklet titled "The Old Ferryboats of Sausalito" by Annie Sutter, published by Scope Publishing Company, Sausalito, 1987. 35 pages including black & white photos and drawings. Signed by Annie Sutter.

1998.66.2 - Newspaper

Souvenir Edition of the Sausalito News, dated February 27, 1941, devoted to "Farewell to Northwestern Pacific R.R. Interurban Train - Ferry Service". Four pages of pictures of ferries, trains and passengers. Article "The Saga of The Ferries" by George H. Harlan, Jr. 8 pages.

1994.91.1 - Brochure

A small folding mailer brochure titled "History of the Sportsmen, Inc. Yacht Club: Sausalito Centennial Birthday 1894-1994". The centennial refers to the old ferryboat "Sausalito", which was built in 1894, plied the Bay waters for years and, after retirement, was then bought by the Sportsmen, Inc. Yacht club and moved to Antioch to serve as their clubhouse.

1994.94.2 - Tape and Video

A 90-minutes VHS video tape titled "75 Years of San Francisco Bay Ferryboats" from 1850's to 1962. Produced by Vintage Video/"picture the Past"/Catenary Video Productions, Pentrex, P.O. Box 94911, Pasadena, Ca. 91109.

1992.22.A - Tape, Magnetic

Tape 1: typed log of topics in Interview with Jack Tracy, June 29, 1991. List of topics with counter notation: railroads, ferry boats, Tillinghast house, boats and yacht harbors, Marinscope clippings, Mary Spring collection, 4th of July parade, Whiskey Spring Park, Annette Rose, 1880s Sanborn maps, Sunny Hills Cemetery, Fernwood and Daphne Cemeteries, Mary Bettencourt Smith grave, Chamarita, Smitty's Bar T-shirt, Tanglewood Mansion, Arbordale German Beer Garden, Oyster House, Underwater Lots, etc.

1993.56.85 - Newspaper

3 copies of The Sausalito Star from 1969, dated 11/12, 11/19 & 11/26. Articles include: 11/12 issue: central waterfront plan, downtown traffic congestion, gardening, cooking, 11/19 issue: police & fire retirement, school board meetings 11/26 issue: downtown traffic congestion

1996.24.49 - Oral History

Oral history interview with Margaret B. Williams, interviewed by Dr. Clayton Mote on 3/6/1978. Converted to CD, Cassette tape is in tape box; CD is in folder in oral history drawer. A complete transcript of the interview is in the Oral History folder at Data/Data/Oral History.

1996.24.51 - Oral History

Oral history interview with James Wyatt, interviewed by ???? on 1/9/1988. 1 tape.

1975.98.2 - Plan and Blueprint

An architectural drawing in pencil and partially colored on graph paper of the steam ferry "Princess" from several angles, accompanied by someone's notes in pencil on what is wrong with the drawing and additional information about the boat itself and its history. Stapled on the back is a drawing of the boat on tracing paper with notes about dates build and broken up, and dimensions.

1975.98.4 - Newspaper Clipping

A newspaper clipping of an article titled "Commuters' Anniversary - First Sausalito Ferry Steamed Over Bay 100 Years Ago Today" by Jack Eisen, from the Independent Journal, May 10, 1968.

1975.106.1 - Newspaper

3 copies of a sourvenir edition of the Sausalito News dated February 27, 1941, titled "Farewell to Northwestern Pacific R.R. Interurban Train-Ferry Service". One copy is complete with 4 pages of the history of the ferries and the railroad in the middle, written by George H. Harlan, Jr.; the other two copies contain only pages 1-2 and 7-8, which are only pictures.

1984.51a - Newspaper

Several pages of articles on Sausalito history on pages M8-M12, titled "The Sausalito Story: How Marin's City On The Bay Got Its Start and Flourished, p. M8; "The Sausalito Story: The Little Willow Grew Into a City," p. M9; "The History of a City: How Sausalito Grew Into A Jewel Beside The Bay," pp. M9-M12.

1992.53.C - Manuscript

Reprint: "Saucelito Township" from History of Marin County, California, 1880, 9 pages - 4 copies. Topics: Geographic, Topography, Soil, Climate, Products, Early Settlement, Mills, Lumber, Saucelito Water Works, Ship Recruiting Station, Old Grave Yards, Saucelito Land & Ferry Company, Official & Business Directory, Yacht Clubs, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Newspapers, Smelting Works, Manganese Mine, Telegraph, Light House and fog Siren, Shipwrecks, Schools, Church, Angel Island. For additional copy, see 1976.379.1.

1992.53.F.1 - Manuscript

"Bickbur" by Catherine Fissinger; History of California 450: Professor Arthur Mejia; May 1, 1987. A history from the Spanish settlement, building of "Gilead" by Obadiah Livermore, purchase by Chandler Burgess to current owners, Amzell Collings and her heirs - 18 page thesis that includes copies: Map of original ranchos; Marin County Journal article 1887-88: "Gilead - Residence of Colonel O. Livermore near Sausalito"; and 3 clippings from from collection of Iona Burgess: S.F. Newscall Bulletin photograph of new buildings alongside of WWII built homes and accompanying article about proposed development, "Marin City Eyesore Vanishing"

1992.53.G.3 - Clipping, Newspaper

Sausalito Centennial News (1893-1993), published by Marin Scope Community Newspapers (1993) - xerox copy of 3 pages and 1 partial copy. Articles cover: brief history of Sausalito, year long calendar of centenial activities, Historical Society video of home movies, a sample of local news items, short articles, real estate sales, hotel arrivals, and advertisements from 1893.

1992.54.09.H - Index

San Francisco Bay Model Visitors Center, Subject Index with Note:"First Draft June 1986 DO NOT USE" - 9 pages. Subjects range from Accidents, Accounting, Administration to Social Life and Custom, Sub-Assembly, Training, and X-Ray of Metals. Liberty Ship and Tanker names are interspersed alphabetically within the subject matter.

1975.319.1 - Newspaper Clipping

A newspaper clipping from the San Francisco Examiner about the ferry "Redwood Empire" hitting a wharf in Sausalito and the wharf collapsing, March, 1938.

1975.427.1 - Plan and Blueprint

An engineering drawing of a proposed ferry terminal for the Golden Gate Ferry Co. at Front & Water Streets between Richardson & North Streets, January, 1922. The drawing was done by Frank G. White, a consulting engineer. The back of the drawing bears the stamp of the Town of Sausalito Clerk's Office, a file date of 1/20/22 and the signature of William Z. Tiffany.