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Name Ferry Boat
Number of Archive records 5
Number of Library records 5
Number of Photo records 16

Associated Records

1994.94.2 - Tape and Video

A 90-minutes VHS video tape titled "75 Years of San Francisco Bay Ferryboats" from 1850's to 1962. Produced by Vintage Video/"picture the Past"/Catenary Video Productions, Pentrex, P.O. Box 94911, Pasadena, Ca. 91109.

1975.98.2 - Plan and Blueprint

An architectural drawing in pencil and partially colored on graph paper of the steam ferry "Princess" from several angles, accompanied by someone's notes in pencil on what is wrong with the drawing and additional information about the boat itself and its history. Stapled on the back is a drawing of the boat on tracing paper with notes about dates build and broken up, and dimensions.

1975.106.1 - Newspaper

3 copies of a sourvenir edition of the Sausalito News dated February 27, 1941, titled "Farewell to Northwestern Pacific R.R. Interurban Train-Ferry Service". One copy is complete with 4 pages of the history of the ferries and the railroad in the middle, written by George H. Harlan, Jr.; the other two copies contain only pages 1-2 and 7-8, which are only pictures.

1987.24.01 - Book

2 copies of "The Old Ferryboats of Sausalito" by Annie Sutter, one copy autographed to Jack (Tracy).

Image of 1988.18.01 - Print, photographic

1988.18.01 - Print, photographic

Card with photo of the "Eureka" ferry boat.

Image of 1988.18.02 - Print, photographic

1988.18.02 - Print, photographic

Card with photo of the "Sausalito" ferry boat.

Image of 1988.18.03 - Print, photographic

1988.18.03 - Print, photographic

Card with photo of the "Cazadero" ferry boat.

Image of 1986.02 - Postcard

1986.02 - Postcard

Black and white picture postcard of "Sausalito" ferry boat at Oakland estuary

Image of 1988.18.04 - Print, photographic

1988.18.04 - Print, photographic

Card with photo of the "Cazadero" ferry boat

Image of 1975.98.1 - Print, Photographic

1975.98.1 - Print, Photographic

A black & white photograph of a painting of the ferry boat "Princess" at a dock, with a man in a row boat in the foreground and several men on the boat itself. The original of the painting is in the Roy D. Graves Pictorial Collection in the Bancroft archives at the University of California at Berkeley. The photograph is mounted on pasteboard with rings for hanging, so may have been used in an exhibition. The date of the painting is unknown.

Image of 1992.49.2 - Print, Photographic

1992.49.2 - Print, Photographic

Sausalito Historical Society exhibit: "Sausalito And Its Ferry Boats - Before and After the Bridges" April 15, 1992. Eleven photographs of portions of the exhibit including old photos, newspaper and magazine articles, artifacts, model of the "Yellow Ferry", and a 5-foot working model of the ferryboat "Sausalito"

1976.12.1 - Negative, Roll Film

2 negatives of photographs of ferry boats on San Francisco Bay, undated. One (a) shows a ferry either entering or leaving a slip in San Francsico; the other (b) shows a ferry out on the Bay. neither of the ferries is identified.

Image of 1980.73.3 - Print, Photographic

1980.73.3 - Print, Photographic

Seven, B&W, 3"x5" photographs, showing steps in the donation of the 600 pound bell forged by W.T. Garrett & Co, of San Francisco. Two photos of the bell show what appears to be a small plaque on the wooden cradle built by Ken Skinner of Clipper Yacht Harbor. The other five photos show Ken Skinner in the Clipper Yacht Harbor Office with three other men and one woman, followed by four others showing it's progress to the Sausalito Civic Center. Two of the photographs were used in the September 26-March 3, 1980 Marin Scope article.

Image of 1986.03 - Print, Photographic

1986.03 - Print, Photographic

5" x 7" photograph of the "Sausalito" Ferryboat from Tiburon